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ACIS PRO prepares exceptionally comprehensive desk review services for all insurance companies and clients. We do our due diligence by way of seeking subrogation opportunities, applying betterment where applicable, being cognizant of risk hazards, pre-existing damages, SIU red flags, coverage lapses, co-insurance clauses, etc. This is our background, and that is the expectation set forth when we hire adjusters, appraiser, and inspectors to come work with us.  We consistently analyze our adjusters’ loss severity levels; monitor cycle times; check all their casework and not just sampling. Our goal is to exceed routinely the expectations set by our clients. 

By selecting our service, you can expect a fair and accurate assessment, positive claims experience for claimants or policyholders alike and reasonable settlements.

We not only take pride in objectively and accurately assessing and setting loss reserves but, we also strive to provide a timely and equitable resolution to all claims. 

Diminished Value

Not all vehicles that have sustained damage qualify as having reduced value. If the claimant’s vehicle was low in value to start with, or if the accident did not cause significant damage, the actual decrease in value of the subject vehicle may not be appreciable to file a claim.

Cost Audit Desk Review

ACIS prepares exceptionally comprehensive desk review services for all insurance companies and clients. We review and file estimate revisions to standard operating procedures and meet all carrier requirements.​ With our service, we cannot guarantee savings; however, we guarantee a thorough review and expect an unbiased, fair and accurate estimate. By selecting ACIS for your desk reviews, you can count on lower rental exposure, positive claims experience, a decrease in ALAE, and reduced workload.

Arbitration | Umpire Services | Expert Witness

ACIS can provide mediation services for you by offering valuations or third party umpiring in disputes. Our appraisers and umpires work with contractors, public adjusters, and opposing appraisers. Our experienced appraisers and umpires are equipped to help you through the claim resolution process. Depending on the case, there may be variations and circumstances.

Subro Audit Review

ACIS has been evaluating and settling auto physical damage subrogation claims since 2005 using mostly the same principles that Arbitration Forums, Inc has been utilizing on the liability side: the facts, industry standards, experience, logic, and fairness. We believe no company should have pay for anything that is not owed.

General Investigative Services

We can assist in all of your investigative needs, no matter how limited or complicated. If you need an investigation completed, please contact us so we can discuss how we can meet your needs.

Total Loss Evaluations

ACIS diligently researches the marketplace and verifies all information to ensure accuracy. We carefully consider all aspects (options, mileage, condition, customizations) adjusting the market value. When appropriate, we make itemized modifications outlined for easy to see comparisons.

Catastrophe Management

Catastrophe claims are growing with the population and increased storm activity. ACIS is networked with multi-line TPA services designed to accommodate any situation. All transactions handled with the utmost security in mind, and that is a promise to our clients.


For any further questions, please call us at (417) 429-3222 during our office hours of 9:00 - 5:00 (CST) or send us an email at

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