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ACIS PRO LLC, formerly Advanced Claims Service, started out by initiating the outsourcing of auto claims desk reviews. Since it’s founding in 2005, ACIS has been providing expert claim and inspection services. We're listed in A.M. Best’s Directory of Recommended Insurance Adjusters. No matter the type of appraisal or inspection service you’re looking for, we have a program for you.


ACIS PRO LLC, we are “The PRO-Claims & Inspections Review Experts.” 


Be assured that our experienced certified appraisers will deliver an expert appraisal for your classics, exotics, trucks, marine, heavy/commercial equipment, off-road vehicles, tractors, trailers, recreational vehicles, personal property, and other specialty items.


We utilize the latest and most up-to-date information derived from real-time market (RTM) analysis, reference manuals, and auction reports. When combined with our expertise in all makes and models of vehicles in the automotive industry, we can establish a fair market value, actual cash value (ACV), replacement value with confidence. There’s no better way to reduce both expense and exposure for auto and property claims than an ACIS PRO desk audit.


  • To provide appraisal, inspection and claims service that exceed expectations of vehicle owners, auto dealers and insurance carriers.

  • To facilitate each and every appraisal with the efficiency, accuracy and expediency that has come expected of us.

  • To not only ensure due diligence on each service we provide but also to deliver exceptional service on every product we offer.

  • To follow up and ensure absolute customer satisfaction on every service we complete.


For one, we can never guarantee a specific set amount of savings, as this would create a conflict of interest with our auditors. ACIS reviews all estimates for what is considered the Usual, Customary and Reasonable per (UCR) industry standards. If there is nothing to be saved, then there’s nothing to be saved. We run an initial file check to determine if our services are needed and if we can’t offer the savings, we simply don’t charge for the service.

Secondly, we streamlined our processes, increasing overall efficiency and allowed us to maintain a lower overhead. Thus, enabling us to pass on the savings to our clients. 

Lastly, with years of knowledge in the automotive industry, ACIS has significantly advanced to provide a unique claims and consumer services perspective.  We have independent auto damage appraisers, certified inspectors, in-house auditors, and professional expertise at our disposal. With a competent staff in every department, our company is proud to deliver complete vehicle inspections, accurate appraisals, outstanding claims, and professional client services.

So, let us know how we can help. Our motto is, “if we can find the savings, great! If not, we will never sacrifice fairness, accuracy or quality for the sake of it”.

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