ACIS prepares exceptionally comprehensive desk review services for all insurance companies and clients. We review and file estimate revisions to standard operating procedures and meet all carrier requirements.​ With our service, we cannot guarantee savings; however, we guarantee a thorough review and expect an unbiased, fair and accurate estimate. By selecting ACIS for your desk reviews, you can count on lower rental exposure, positive claims experience, a decrease in ALAE, and reduced workload.

ACIS locates LKQ, reconditioned, and aftermarket parts according to your guidelines. We conduct audits on the estimates using ADXE and achieve an agreed price with the shop. Our monthly management system demonstrates just how much you are saving company ALAE by using corresponding ACIS reports.

How much are you overpaying?


The cost deviation we identify and negotiate to reclaim is significant.  We save our clients substantially, what would otherwise be overpaid charges.  

ACIS next-day turnaround results in:

  • Limits rental exposure

  • Positive feedback from the vehicle owners  

  • Decrease in workload

  • Reduced Company ALAE

If we cannot return an audit by the next business day after receipt, we will send a status report to keep you informed.

ACIS PRO LLC, we are “The PRO-Claims, Inspections & Audit Review Experts.”

If you would like to request a Cost Audit Desk Review, please fill out our ACIS PRO Service Request form. We'll contact you within 24 hours of your form submission.

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ACIS offers an integration of services designed to bring transparency and efficiency to the insurance claims industry. We combine superior service, accelerated processes, and experience to help our clients achieve, and maintain, higher standards, while continuously setting the bar for our competitors.

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