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If you would like to request a Total Loss Evaluation, please fill out our ACIS PRO Service Request form. We'll contact you within 24 hours of your form submission.

ACIS diligently researches the marketplace and verifies all information to ensure accuracy. We carefully consider all aspects (options, mileage, condition, customizations) adjusting the market value. When appropriate, we make itemized modifications outlined for easy to see comparisons.

We incorporate at least three comparison vehicles and auto dealer quotes in our evaluation. Should there be additional information given after the initial report, updates will be included in our service to you.

ACIS obtains alternate fair market value assessment, based on today’s standards. If issues arise in evaluating differences between the insurance carrier and the policyholder or claimant, we work DILIGENTLY with all parties to find the best solution.

Our Real-Time Market (RTM) report provides a comprehensive market evaluation in an easy-to-read format. Details of the loss vehicle outlined, including the information provided by InstaVIN® VIN Decoding and itemized line-by-line comparisons made with comparable vehicles.  A vehicle history report included whenever available.

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