ACIS can provide mediation services for you by offering valuations or third party umpiring in dispute. Our appraisers and umpires work with contractors, public adjusters, and opposing appraisers. Our experienced appraisers and umpires are equipped to help you through the claim resolution process. Depending on the case, there may be variations and circumstances.


We are proud members of the NAIU





General Information


When empowered as an Insurance Umpire in an Appraisal Case, said Umpire accepts the mantel of a Private Judge, in order to settle the differences as between the Policyholders and the Insurance Company. The purpose of NAIU© is to bestow creditability to these qualified individuals who have a proven track record of understanding insurance related damages and handling such matters in an exemplary manner.


The NAIU© realized there is a need for a quality organization that would bring together, and therefore benefit Insurance Umpires. NAIU© was founded by experienced and proven Umpires to fill this void in the Insurance Industry.

I believe that no judgement should ever be made until all parties have been afforded an opportunity to present their facts and perspective. When the process and the communication is kept open and professional, all sides have the ability to understand and explain the award to the parties they represent.

If you would like to request an Arbitration Service, please fill out our ACIS PRO Service Request form. We'll contact you within 24 hours of your form submission.

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ACIS offers an integration of services designed to bring transparency and efficiency to the insurance claims industry. We combine superior service, accelerated processes, and experience to help our clients achieve, and maintain, higher standards, while continuously setting the bar for our competitors.

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