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Risk managers and CFOs need to recognize the potential for risks associated with their fleets. A process of safety implemented with written protocols can help keep employees and others safe on the roads. The costs related to motor vehicle fleet risk can be mitigated through a proactive approach to fleet safety management.


Our services include:


  • 24/7 loss reporting

  • Repair process management

  • Immediate Damage Appraisals & Inspections

  • Business Interruption (BI) worksheet & Max Probable Loss (MPL) analysis   

  • Data collection based on client audit requirements

  • Salvage Disposal Assistance

1Some worksheets don't explicitly list a "catchall" for other costs that would discontinue. This is helpful as many costs would likely stop in the event of a significant loss.

2Some policies apply sub-limits or deductibles on a per-location basis. For these policies, the insured may need to declare values for each separate location. This could end up being an arduous task if the management process does not maintain operating statements per site.

Collision Investigation Protocols


Accidents can and do happen from time to time, and when they occur, it is a good idea to have employees well versed on reporting them, including whom to contact, taking photos and how to record the facts of loss. Organizations also should educate employees on how to interact with authorities so as not to incriminate themselves. Prudent organizations will utilize an auto accident reconstruction specialists to help determine the cause of a collision and initiate pre-emptive measures to mitigate any false claims.

Claims Management


An organization utilizing claims management review at a central level can be instrumental in providing insight on procedures around claims administration in a self-insured environment. Self-insurance options formulated on how to handle claims – often outsourced to a third party claims manager or developed internally.  Even if the organization decides to outsource the claims management, it will need to devise an internal department to manage the self-insurance program.  


ACIS PRO LLC can assist with the claims process establishing sound guidelines and conditions that will help to facilitate the program in a systematic and cost-effective manner. Initial report documentation must be formulated and distributed to the field offices, that will be required for filing a claim (including proof of loss and related evidence such as photos, police reports, etc.), and timeframe for adjudication and payment. Guidance on the process of salvage and fast repairs is also necessary. Training will be a critical component to rolling out claims management procedures.


If the process is outsourced to a third party, escalation procedures should still be carried out in the event of a potentially significant loss exposure or losses with liability that may be in question or may not be fully covered by the organization's excess liability insurance policy.


We can aid in all of your investigative needs, no matter how limited or complicated. If you need an investigation completed, contact us so we can discuss how we can meet your needs.

If you would like to request an Auto Fleet Risk Mitigation, Investigative, or Claim Support Service, please fill out our ACIS PRO Service Request form. We'll contact you within 24 hours of your form submission.

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