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The insurance appraisal process can be complicated. The clause found in most insurance policies allows a process to settle a dispute. By selecting a seasoned and knowledgeable appraiser, the process will be easier for you. ACIS PRO certified appraisers are versed in all aspects of the insurance claims operations, including auto inspections, total loss settlements, and diminished value claims.  ACIS will exhibit the facts on your behalf. We will also answer insurance claim related questions and offer assistance for insurance settlements. 

Diminished Value

Diminished Value is the loss in market value of a property due to a history of damage. Your vehicle may potentially qualify for diminished value. Our diminished value claim review will give you all the tools you need to make informed decisions. Become well versed with your rights as a knowledgeable consumer when it comes to your claim for damages. Let ACIS be the one to provide you with timely and accurate diminished value assessments.

Arbitration Services

ACIS can provide mediation services for you by offering valuations or third party umpiring in dispute. Our appraisers and umpires work with contractors, public adjusters, and opposing appraisers. Our experienced appraisers and umpires are equipped to help you through the claim resolution process. Depending on the case, there may be variations and circumstances.

History Reports

Providing NMVTIS Data for Vehicle Auto VIN Check and Car History Reports  

Vehicle Export/Shipping

If you are outside the US, ACIS can conduct vehicle searches in all 48 contiguous states. An inspection and evaluation regarding the vehicle condition can be performed and a detailed report formulated to summarize the findings. If you decide to purchase a car, we can make accommodations for secure payment and safe transportation.

Real Time Market (RTM) Valuation Reports

Several factors determine the true market value of an auto. The vehicle's production date, make, model, color, options, mileage, condition, and location are all variables that could affect a car's value. As knowledgeable appraisers, we will determine your vehicle's actual fair market value.


For any further questions, please call us at (417) 429-3222 during our office hours of 9:00 - 5:00 (CST) or send us an email at

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