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ACIS provides banks, finance companies, auto dealers, and other commercial fleet groups the reporting, field inspections and proof of coverage verification expertise required to assess insured collateral accurately. The network of ACIS field representatives utilizes the latest technology which allows for incorporation of scanned images, emails, and digital pictures into the audit file.

PRO Auto Dealer

ACIS PRO Field Inspection (PFI) process supports the auto lease Industry with tools added to enhance due diligence needed for all transactions. This, in turn, enables lessors to document the condition of their covered inventory throughout the life of a lease. Vehicle Identification, photos, and a detailed report gives the dealer the tools needed to mitigate risk. A physical on-site inspection of the collateral is essential to any leasing portfolio. Accuracy, expediency, and clear communication, are essential components to every inspection completed by an ACIS PRO representative.

PRO Banking & Financial Asset Services

The ACIS Pro Field Representative will coordinate inspections of the lender's assets. A field representative will visit your dealers on a schedule determined by you, verifying your inventory by vehicle identification number.

Lease End/Return Inspection

ACIS will prepare an accurate and concise condition report, including digital photos. Our certified inspectors will perform an extensive assessment, supplying you with the fundamental information needed to make an informed decision.

Auto Fleet Risk Mitigation, Investigative Services, & Claims Support

Risk managers and CFOs need to recognize the risks associated with their fleets. A process of safety implemented with written protocols can help keep employees and others safe on the roads. The costs related to motor vehicle fleet risk can be mitigated through a proactive approach to fleet safety management. We can aid in all of your investigative needs, no matter how limited or complicated. If you need an investigation completed, contact us so we can discuss how we can meet your needs.


For any further questions, please call us at (417) 429-3222 during our office hours of 9:00 - 5:00 (CST) or send us an email at

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