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ACIS utilizes ADXE, AdjustRite, Xactimate and Symbility for all vehicle makes, specialty equipment, property damage and more. We strive to make sure all our appraisals comply with essential standards, principles, quality, and technique you are entitled. Our adjusters are fully qualified to handle all your appraisal needs.


The Insurance claims process can be complicated. By selecting a seasoned and knowledgeable appraiser, the process will be much simpler for you. ACIS is well versed with all aspects of the insurance appraisal clause.


The clause found in most insurance policies allows a process to settle a dispute. ACIS will exhibit the facts on your behalf. We will also answer insurance claim questions and offer assistance for insurance claim damages.  




  • Your claim could be denied

  • The appraisal you submit may be denied

  • You could lose the appraisal fees you paid

  • The claim will go to an impartial person (umpire) who will then make an award or final decision

  • You could be wasting your own time and effort


ISO Compliance: 


ACIS strives to meet all of the Insurance Services Organization "best practices" for claims handling regarding all segments of the services we provide.

Auto Appraisal

ACIS can provide valuations on the following vehicle categories: Standard, Classic, Exotic/Super Luxury, and Custom. We offer comprehensive reports documenting the assessment value based on your vehicle’s condition at the time of the incident or loss.

Specialty Appraisals

(Heavy equipment, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, boom trucks, boats, etc.)

The same quality you come to expect from ACIS on desk reviews of autos is also available for specialty claims. ACIS provides truck and heavy equipment services with precise damage appraisals, supported valuations, digital photos, and comprehensive reports. We will supply your underwriting department with replacement cost values and actual cash values per desktop or field appraisals.

Property Damage Appraisal

If you have had property damage and you have insurance coverage to repair/replace it, an appraisal may be necessary to justify your claim. ACIS can verify your loss value. If your property damages have resulted in a total loss, you are more likely to obtain an appraisal.


For any further questions, please call us at (417) 429-3222 during our office hours of 9:00 - 5:00 (CST) or send us an email at

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