This above is intended as a general guideline only. State law and the terms of your lease may vary your rights and obligations regarding excessive wear and use. Please reference your lease agreement for a description of your rights and duties upon contract termination.

As the end of your lease contract draws near, it is important to understand your options. Don't get stuck with a high end of lease bill. Inspect your vehicle before your contract ends. ACIS can prepare an accurate and concise condition report, including digital photos.




It is important to consider that your dealership will not inspect your car when you return it. Some people will receive a bill for "excessive wear & tear" after lease termination. Lease contracts will include a clause for re-inspection, stating you may attain an end of lease inspection on your own.


To help you avoid surprises, ACIS will prepare an accurate and concise condition report, including digital photos. Our certified inspectors will perform an extensive assessment, supplying you with the fundamental information needed to make an informed decision.


Individual end-of-lease used vehicle inspections can be done at the owner’s home, business, dealership or any other location. ACIS will execute your vehicle inspection by completing the following tasks to assist you through this process:

  • Perform an inspection to substantiate the vehicle's wear and tear.

  • Present a detailed report with photos of the auto before lease termination.

  • Inspect for damages (i.e. dents, dings, tire wear, tears, stains, windshield cracks, etc.)


ACIS will provide you with a comprehensive status report. This report will include photos detailing all aspects of our "Lease Termination Auto Inspection" (also known as Lease Return or Off Lease Inspection).


So don't get stuck in the high-end range of the lease bill, inspect your vehicle before your contract ends.

Contact ACIS PRO now to assist you through your end of lease inspection.

The following pictures are depictions of excessive

wear and use on the exterior/interior of vehicles.


                 TEAR                                         BURN                         MISSING ACCESSORY            BROKEN EQUIPMENT









    SCRATCHED PANEL             SCRATCHED BUMPER                  CHIPPED PAINT                    DENTED BUMPER

If you would like to request a lease-/end return inspection, please fill out our ACIS PRO Service Request form. We'll contact you within 24 hours of your form submission.

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